Answer for question 3789.

If you could live one day over without the consequence of changing the future, what day would it be and why?
As in, basically repeating a day, with some changes, without actually changing the future? Hmm. One day, huh...

Then probably the second day of my Langkawi trip last year. I want to eat lobsters at the Skycab park! Lobsters that I missed buying because I took a long time considering to buy such expensive food!

Answer for question 3799.

What animal (or insect, etc) are you most afraid of? Was there a specific incident that led to your fear, or is it just a general thing?

I'm terrified by these creatures. If I see a small one I'll freeze and immediately find something to kill it, but the moment it moves I'll scream and run away.

If I see a big one though? I'll walk past it very carefully and pray that it does not see me. If I see one crawling towards me I'll immediately scream and run as fast as I can.

I think my fear towards them is instilled from when I was still a kid. I overheard some people talking during my grandfather's passing that his death was caused by a centipede. And when I went to the bathroom there were several centipedes on the walls, black and red ones, it was really scary.

My family think I'm overreacting though.

Exploring the headcanon that is Inashiro!Eijun.

I have seen so many headcanons where Eijun goes to Inashiro Industrial School instead of Seidou High, so I want to add my own version of this particular headcanon. However, mine is filled with a lot of things to explore because let's face it, Inashiro is basically a vocational/technical school. Kids going there are smart, do technical works, learn technical things. So how do we fit Eijun into this kind of school? xDDD

The rest of the entry is basically a copypasta of what I wrote in my computer a long time ago. There might be discrepancies and there are a lot of questions, but I promise they will be as interesting as any other Inashiro!Eijun ideas.

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#howhot, part 3?

Playing with the online Blinq app again due to boredom, this time I won't bother to put a cut. Only 2 people.

Original picture stolen from spiiegels @ tumblr. Sorry, if you don't like the fact that I used these without your permission, I will take them down. Scratch it; I'm taking them down. I'll upload my screencaps instead mwahahaha. But as a summary, in their version Tetsu is hot 21-year-old male while Chris is godlike 19-year-old male.

Behold, what the app says to the actual screencaps instead:

Same age, same gender, both are GODLIKE.
Bless Madhouse and Producion IG. And Terajima.

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Just watched Daiya no Ace S2 episode 39!

The ED sequence has dramatically changed - it's now in color! Some composition has changed too! XD Still the same song tho!

Waiting for somebody to talk about it in tumblr! (I don't have a tumblr account tho hahaha)

Also, Raichi is freaking cute. /insta-swoon

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I started listening to Linkin Park again.

Well, it's not that I don't listen to Linkin Park at all. I just did not listen to their songs starting from the Minutes to Midnight album; that was like what, 10 years ago? All because I saw negative reviews that their songs had taken a new direction and that they "didn't sound like Linkin Park".

Lol, I was stupid. Who knows I'd fall for them all over again?

Fave songs:
- Lost in the Echo
- Burn It Down
- Castle of Glass


First visit to Langkawi Island! A tale of excitement, adventures, disappointments and regrets lol

Last Chrismas* holiday (from Chrismas eve to the 27th, more like 28th) my husband and I followed a group tour to one of the most popular places in Malaysia, which is Langkawi Island. This is our first ever trip to somewhere really far away, the main reason is this:

The distance between the starting to the end point is nearly 900 km lol, a total of 12 hours drive including breaks - image stolen from http://geosmkakl.blogspot.my haha sorry ^^;;

Note that we haven't even taken a step outside of the Peninsular Malaysia lol, not even overseas. For our entire lives (mine of 33 years, my husband's of 50 haha). So... We were excited of course.

*I deliberately wrote the holiday as "Chrismas" instead of the actual spelling for reasons I shall never list out xD

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