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Luna_Meow's Escapade

...where every day is an adventure.


Welcome to my journal. This is the original purpose of this journal. I mean, really.

About Luna

Name: Luna
Real name: pfftt
Age: 37... tho I wish I was still 10
Location: Johor, Malaysia
Occupation: *undisclosed*
Relationship status: Married
Sexuality: hmm.... :3

Likes: Money, food, anime, manga
Dislikes: dumb politicians

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender (despite the ehh ending), Daiya no Ace, Yuri!!! on Ice, old stuff e.g. Yowapeda, Reborn!, Tiger & Bunny (100% anime, I assure you huehue)

Hobbies: Writing down things, doodling things, making stupid things, do nothing.

Okay that's it.

....are you still with me? Wao. Have a nice Hibarin below.